The Moments When You Feel Helpless And Uncertain-Switching Job-My Journey

Sharath Raju
3 min readOct 17, 2020


Each one of us has got some dreams and aspirations
Some might see them blossom during their college days and few might realize them after working for a few years…

Founding a company…
Taking care of your family…
Creating an impact with your work…
Simply being able to enjoy the creative in you…

Similar to you, I had a dream of creating some products that can add some value to the people around me!!

Though I was from Electronics, I felt creating software products was much easier compared to electronic products, because of the cost involved and ease of tools accessibility at that time🙌🏻

And with that hope in mind, I chose the software industry!!!

I used to be on YouTube most of the time learning the programming language doesn’t matter which…

Sometimes C language, sometimes java, and sometimes python…

With no proper guidance, I was trying to get over everything I can so that I can crack my interview …
That was the only thing I was aiming for at that period!!

After doing it from April 2015 to June 2015, and after failing at 17 interviews…

Finally, I got an offer from Wipro💪🏻

I have joined it in November 2015 in Bangalore!!

I was really excited🤩, as I was about to learn the new technologies which can help me to become more capable ✌🏻

We were through five months .Net training there and every day we were learning something new and at the end of it… I can’t believe that I was able to develop a web application with the help of our team and it was a flight booking application 🤘🏻

But this excitement didn’t last for many days…haha
We were put on the bench and then into a support role😐

Hello, how can I help you? were my lines and assigning tickets to other teams was my work there!!!

Which is something that many of us go through after we join some company as a fresher(Your situation might be far better than me, be happy about that😂🙏🏻).

That situation has really broken my dreams of what I thought I can do and has really affected my confidence as I was completely helpless 😶

Did you ever face that situation?
If yes, you might know how painful it would be!!

But this kind of situations should never define our aspirations… the only thing that can help us in those situations is “HOPE”, that everything will be okay soon with enough efforts 💪🏻

Though it was a rotational shift for me there, I used to learn .Net and practice it after my office hours!!
Because that’s the only technology that I have learned well till then!!

That feeling when you work on something that you don’t like is no less than a mini hell, believe me🙏🏻

But situations will change if we are not ready to accept it!!

It takes enormous amounts of effort and confidence in making something happens!!
This phrase is really true👍🏻

If you already have a full-time job and you are trying to switch to a different domain, I know how much dedication it takes…
But please put in the work and it will worth it🙏🏻

And after trying hard and learning the needed, it took me 1 year to get into something that interests me🥳

Remember I didn’t fake anything to the employer here, but rather displayed my skills and have shown them what I am capable of doing…

The above approach will always work!!!

For you, it might just take 3 months, 6 months, 15 months, or sometimes 2 years…

Remember, you only need one chance, that one chance can really turn your situations
Don’t give up!!

If you are into some other occupation/job/role, but you feel you deserve more, please put in the efforts and don’t just learn something but try to implement it…

Because your work speaks more than just the certifications ✌🏻

I would be really happy if my journey has in any way given you hope and confidence to keep going…
I was able to do more with my life since then…

Keep tuned!!!
I will be sharing the rest of the story soon…😉✌🏻



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